March 2023

March 2023 Industry Updates

Here are a few important industry articles we have read recently, regarding a new rail & barge network, carbon offsetting in shipping, schedule reliability, a potential CN strike, 100% eBL, and mobile robots in warehouses.

40 foot container being placed on a truck
February 2023

Equipment Update: Import Volumes Remain Low

Import volumes into Canada remain low and shipping companies continue with blank sailings. Equipment shortages persist in the West Coast. Industry experts are predicting that the entire first half of 2023 will remain slow, with improvements coming during the second half of 2023.

January 2023

Equipment Update: Import Volumes Low, Shortage of 20-foot Containers in the West

Import volumes into Canada continue to be down and shipping lines have continued with their blank sailings. Recent storms and heavy snow in the East Coast has impacted the repositioning of containers to the West Coast. There currently is a shortage of 20-foot containers.

Yang Ming ship docked at Delta Port
December 2022

Equipment Update: West Coast Available, Inland Shortage, and East Coast Oversupply

Although the West Coast had sufficient equipment at container depots over the last 4 weeks, things have taken a turn for the worse recently. Vessel delays in December are slowing down empty container turnover in Vancouver, and there are minimal empty containers available at off-docks.

Empty Container Shortages Due to Reduced Imports
November 2022

Empty Container Shortages Due to Reduced Imports

The shipping industry is feeling the impacts of what many expect to be an upcoming recession. People in North America are buying less. Imports have decreased, which has led to shortages of empty containers.

Trucks waiting for shipping containers
August 2022

New York port truckers press FMC for emergency order

Ocean carriers, marine terminals must share more accurate container storage data, companies urge FMC

Cargo port background with data nodes in the foreground
March 2020

Container gateways evolving from cargo ports to data portals

Data portal projects are already well under way at the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Los Angeles, New York-New Jersey, and Baltimore.