Canadian Innovation with Global Impact: Showcasing Trakking’s Supply-chain Innovations at Asia Tech x Singapore

Canadian Innovation with Global Impact: Showcasing Trakking’s Supply-chain Innovations at Asia Tech x Singapore

June 2024

From the desk of Patrick Lo, Trakking CEO

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of joining 16 of the best rising technology companies -- chosen by the BC Government -- at this year’s Asia Tech Conference in Singapore. This annual event gathers all ASEAN countries to hear from industry leaders, including OpenAI, Google, IBM, Nvidia, Samsung, Amazon, and many others, sharing the newest technology trends (unsurprisingly, Artificial Intelligence was a hot topic at this year’s conference). With over 18,000 delegates and 4,000 industry leaders and companies exhibiting, the conference was a hub of innovation and networking.

It was a tremendous honor for Trakking to be selected as the only Canadian supply-chain company to showcase its technology at the conference. Trakking is an online platform that significantly improves the efficiency of empty-container management. The same logistics challenges that we face in Canada are present across the globe. We are excited about these opportunities to forge partnerships with global shipping lines and drayage companies, fueled by the belief that by working and innovating together, and offering our proven solutions to other contexts, we can optimize the supply chain for the benefit of people all around the world.

Canada is renowned for producing exceptional technology and talent, as was evident in our pavilion, the second largest at the conference. We were proud to stand beside our fellow Canadian entrepreneurs in seeking global impact with our homegrown solutions.

A significant learning experience at the conference was understanding how the Singaporean government is approaching AI strategy, not just as an industry initiative but as a national agenda. President Tharman Shanmugaratnam spoke about the rapid pace of AI advancement outstripping regulation and emphasized solutions that are “attainable.” His comments about “not leaving AI to the law of the jungle” resonated deeply with many industry leaders.

In December, Singapore launched the National AI Strategy 2.0, an updated version of their AI initiatives. This strategy outlines ways to prepare the economy to harness and utilize AI to empower workers and businesses. Trakking’s participation in this conference was not just about showcasing our products but also about learning and understanding how other countries and companies are implementing AI. Our goal is to apply these insights back home in Canada.

What a remarkable opportunity this was to share and learn about innovations that are already making a global difference and to also look ahead to the potential of AI to further revolutionize the supply-chain industry. Trakking is committed to being a voice for responsible, human-centric innovation – designing and implementing technologies that support the thousands of people who daily uphold the integrity of the supply chain.