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Empty Container Release

Drayage dispatchers can login to Trakking 24/7 and see real-time empty container levels at various terminals and depots through a green, yellow, and red signal system. With Trakking, they can request empty containers releases and get automatic approvals.


Helps to optimize the number of drayage trips each day

Reduces non-value-added trips

Allows containers to be sourced through one efficient platform

Provides logistics groups enhanced profitability by optimizing processes

Provides real-time information so containers can be picked up at optimal locations

Provides a single dashboard for empty containers across multiple shipping lines

How it works

Empty Container Release has 3 easy-to-follow steps:


Sign up for an account.


Input your booking details and see which depots have available empty containers.


Select the depot that works best for you, and if inventory is sufficiently available, you will receive an instant confirmation of release of the container.

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