Trakking is a digital platform for sourcing, managing, and returning empty shipping line containers.


Sometimes we send Empty Release and booking is not okay. But nowadays I can enter a booking, and I can check if my booking is okay or not.
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Economic Benefits

Trakking improves the movement, fluidity and overall performance of the container transportation system at the Port of Vancouver and affiliated ports across North America. It provides 5 economic benefits to logistics groups, trucking companies and the ports it services:

By streamlining empty container logistics and optimizing truck trips, Trakking improves the productiveness of our current road infrastructure.

optimization of road infrastructure

Carbon Emissions saved by Trakking

Trakking’s mission is to accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions through our three products: Empty Container Release, Empty Container Return and Street turn.

By reducing dead-runs, increasing double ended moves, and eliminating idle time at depots and terminals, we can collectively play a role in removing waste in our supply chain system.

Trakking Empty Container Release


Trakking Empty Container Return


Trakking Street Turn


Total Emissions Saved



About Trakking

Frustrated with supply chain issues and inefficient container movement, our transportation experts knew there must be a better way. So we developed Trakking, a revolutionary digital platform that connects terminals, shipping lines, container depots, drayage companies, and import/export groups across North America.

The platform allows drayage companies to easily source, manage and return containers quickly and with ease.

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