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March 2024 Local and Industry Updates

March 2024 Local and Industry Updates

March 2024

Evergreen Joins Trakking’s Empty Release Module

Following a surge in demand from numerous trucking enterprises, Evergreen Shipping has announced its integration with the Empty Release Module of the TSC Trakking platform, starting March 4th, 2024. This strategic move is set to revolutionize the way shipping lines manage and release empty containers, specifically catering to the needs of the Canadian drayage community.

The TSC Trakking platform has already proven its worth among various trucking companies, who have quickly recognized its numerous advantages.

Key benefits include:

1) Rapid Response for Empty Release Requests: The platform facilitates immediate processing of requests for empty container releases, significantly reducing wait times and improving operational efficiency.

2) Minimized Dead-Runs: By efficiently ensuring that empty containers made available at the trucking companies’ request, the platform virtually eliminates the occurrence of dead-runs, thereby enhancing logistical operations.

3) Cost Efficiency and Savings: The optimization of container movements not only saves time but also translates into substantial cost savings for trucking companies, contributing to a more economical and environmentally friendly logistics ecosystem.

Initially, Evergreen Shipping's participation will focus on dry containers and will be selectively available to certain trucking companies, prioritizing those who have expressed a strong interest in this service. This phased approach ensures smooth integration and allows for immediate benefits to those most in need of such solutions.

For trucking companies looking to leverage this no-cost benefit and streamline their operations through the TSC Trakking platform, Evergreen Shipping encourages direct communication with the local Trakking sales team. This opportunity represents a pivotal advancement in the logistics industry, promising enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and a more sustainable approach to container management. The Trucking industry is a critical part of the supply chain in Canada. Therefore, TSC Trakking is committed to ensure the ongoing efficiency of the trucking company and its related BCOs and NVOCCs.

Local Updates

  • - Equipment situation in all sizes continues to be tight, especially releases at off-docks
  • - Due to a greater frequency in vessel delays, trucking companies who prefer to release at off-docks should observe the schedule before submitting empty release requests, even though shipping lines have inventory at the ports
  • - Import volume continues to be stable and strong. Increasing street turns will help meet export demands. Trakking’s Street Turn module ensures less than 5-minute response time for street turn requests, learn more here.

Industry News

Railway workers warn 'work stoppage looms' after CN, CPKC seek conciliation

The union representing nearly 9,300 workers at Canada's largest rail operators, CN and CPKC, is facing a potential work stoppage due to stalled negotiations over working conditions and wage increases. Teamsters Canada, led by François Laporte, accuses both rail companies of wanting to remove essential safety-critical rest provisions from collective agreements, which are crucial for combating crew fatigue and ensuring public safety. Despite seeking a negotiated settlement, the union finds the companies' demands unacceptable.

Notices of dispute were filed by CN and CPKC this week, marking the beginning of a process that could lead to a strike or lockout by early May. The union claims that the railroads prioritize profits over the well-being of supply chains, farmers, or small businesses, and are prepared to force a work stoppage to meet their goals.

TSC Trakking continues to offer a module called the Empty Return modules for the Trucking companies to return their empty containers at alternative locations instead of the CP and CN rail sites. Therefore, this will help alleviate any incurred detention, and additional costs on chassis. For more information of the empty return module, please contact

CTA Main Asks of Federal budget: Focus on Tax Code and Supply Chain Investments

With the preparation of the 2024 federal budget currently underway, the Canadian Trucking Alliance has petitioned the government to crack down on “the growing underground economy in the trucking industry,” which it says not only allows for labour abuse but also tax evasion. “There’s well over a billion dollars being stolen from the Canadian public and the healthcare system in this country by Driver Inc carriers,” said Stephen Laskowski, CTA president. Among CTA’s specific requests for inclusion in the budget are an extension of the Accelerated Investment Incentive for Trucking Equipment and long-term funding for Driver Training Programs.